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Epoxidation of alkenes is an important chemical transformation whereby and oxygen atom is added to the carbon-carbon double bond to form an epoxide. The epoxides are often utilized as intermedialte compounds which can then be transformed to ...
Neumann Ronny
Category Life Sciences and Bio Technology    Keywords G-protein coupled receptorsApplication One of the largest families of receptors in the human genome is that of the 7 transmembrane receptor (7-TMR) superfamily, also known as G-protein ...
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Ben-Sasson Shmuel
  Fast and simple editing of special video effects  Categories Computer science, Imaging, Computer graphics Development Stage Development completed, ready for commercializationHighlights Motion computation in video editing involves warping ...
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Peleg Shmuel
  Category Life Sciences and Biotechnology    Keywords Bipolar disease, Migraine, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy & Neuropathic Pain, antiepileptics, drugs (AEDs), CNS drugs Current development stage TRL7- Phase 2 clinical trials ...
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Bialer Meir
Category Chemistry & Materials    Keywords VPA, Epilepsy, Neuropathic Pain and Bipolar Disorder Current development stage TRL 4, POC demonstrated, anticonvulsant activity tested in animal modelsApplication Prolonged epileptic ...
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Bialer Meir
 Category LifeSciences and BioTechnology    Keywords Tetramethylcyclopropane carboxylic acid, VPA, derivatives Current development stage  TRL4 - POC of candidate drug formulation is demonstrated in defined animal ...
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Bialer Meir
Dr. Yaacov Rozenman, Head of Shaarei Tzedek’s Ophthalmology Department Application A cataract pathology causes the partial or entire lens clouding inside the eye, resulting in blurred or distorted vision. Cataract retrieval surgery is one of ...
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Cohn Daniel
  Category Computer Science and Engineering    Keywords DPI, Telecommunication Current development stage TRL4 Technology validated in lab             Application Middleboxes play a major role in Software Defined Networks (SDN) as ...
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Hay-Saikevich David
  Categories Cancer, metastasis, drug, zinc enzyme inhibitor Development Stage Drug at preclinical stage  Background The process of cancer metastasis consists of a series of sequential events that requires deregulated proliferation and ...
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Breuer Eli
Category Life Sciences and Bio Technology    Keywords Fertility, Medical Device Current development stage Preliminary POC with supporting in-vivo data Our Innovation Simple disposable patented device for infertility treatment   Advantages ...
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Tirosh Boaz
Background Identification of critical anatomic and pathologic structures in real time, during minimal invasive procedures poses a major challenge to surgeons.   Our Innovation A new modality- Liposomal IndoCyanine Green (ICG), enables a ...
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Magdassi Shlomo
Category Pharmaceuticals,  Infectious diseases, Cosmetics, Formulation Application        Hand transmission of viruses an important factor in the occurrence of respiratory and enteric diseases. Transfer of virus can occur to and from hands, ...
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Touitou Elka
  TDtest kit is a simple modification of the standard disk-diffusion assay that allows the semi-quantitative evaluation of survival rate and killing dynamics. The TDTest enables the detection of tolerant and persistent bacteria by promoting ...
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Balaban Natalie
Categories Cleantech, Environment, Chemistry and Materials Keywords Green, energy storage, advanced materials, phase change materials, energy storage, building, smart materials, smart buildings, coatings Technology Readiness Level 4- ...
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Lev Ovadia
Moshe Nazarathy, Department of Electrical Engineering, Technion   Categories Optical networks, Bandwidth allocation, signal processing Development Stage Proof of concept. Research completed     Background There is an increasingly growing ...
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Marom Dan
  Highlights Sensors for the detection of explosives are important for humanitarian de-mining, remediation of explosives waste sites, homeland security, and forensic applications. Different sensors for analyzing explosives have developed ...
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Willner Itamar
  The Internet infrastructure was not designed with security in mind, and is consequently alarmingly vulnerable to attacks and configuration errors. Despite the consensus on the urgency of securing BGP routing, replacing BGP with S*BGP is still ...
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Schapira Michael
  Category Agriculture      Keywords Pest Control, SIT, Current development stage  TRL6 Technology demonstrated in relevant environment  Application The Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) is a species of fruit fly capable of ...
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Heifetz Yael
  An improved method for solid phase synthesis for both large and laboratory scale. The method involves simple changes in the current synthesis, that can be used with conventional reactors and reagents, protocol that result in significantly ...
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Gilon Chaim
Thaw and go“ cell culture chip - Revolutionizing cells’ cryopreservation for fast and simple biomedical research experiments    One of the main obstacles for successful cryopreservation of cells is the irreversible damage to cells organelles ...
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Braslavsky Ido