Lyotropic Delivery Systems Ltd. (LDS)

Garti Nissim, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Institute of Chemistry

Company Name

LDS Lyotropic Delivery Systems Ltd.

Company Founders

Professor Nissim Garti 

Current CEO

Professor Nissim Garti 

About the Company

LDS is a privately owned nano and biotechnology company focusing on the development of novel liquid nano-sized delivery systems. 
LDS proprietary drug delivery systems enable solubiliztion of large loads of water-insoluble and poorly-permeable drug molecules as well as bio-macromolecules, while enhancing the drug transport across the membrane.
LDS unique technology creates new indications for generic or innovative drugs, by using safe-to-use components, which are all categorized as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) and/or are listed within the FDA Inactive Ingredient Guide data base (FDA IIG).

​LDS has broad intellectual property rights covering its drug delivery technologies.
LDS Delivery Platform Technology Can Be Adapted for Various Administration Routes Including Dermal, Transdermal, Intravenous, Oral and Opthalmic Applications.


  • LDS mission is to resolve the use of insoluble and nonstable therapeutic compounds.
  • LDS will replace generic drug formulations with segnificant disadvantages by new and improved formulations to be:
     safer (chemically and physically), more bioactive, with less irritation and pain, with enhanced permeability and more.
  • LDS’ advanced drug delivery technologies increase the patient's compliance and quality of life by offering a drug with reduced side-effects and greater convenience.

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Target Market/Potential

LDS Unique and Proprietary Nano-Sized Systems:

  • Enable high transmembrane permeation, resulting in enhanced bioavalability.
  • Are easy to prepare and cost effective to manufacture.
  • Are thermodynamiclly stable resulting in enhanced shelf-ife.
  • Allow the combination of large or small soluble and insoluble molecules to be jointly delivered.
  • Are composed of safe-to-use, non-toxic compounds (FDA approved and GRAS listed).
  • Can be modified to enable extended release of the drug.


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Patent Status

Granted US 10,149,824; Europe 2498754; Israel 217115; Israel 248149; Israel 248150