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Shoseyov Oded, HUJI, Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences, Plant Sciences and Genetics

We combine creative science and the power of nature’s building blocks to revolutionize products


Investment/ Collaboration Opportunity Highlights:


Melodea recently completed round financing led by Holmen www.holmen.com , a Swedish forest industry group. The agreement includes investments and sub-license agreements and Holmen will become one of the major shareholders in Melodea Ltd. 

The company is looking for further financing to accelerate its R&D investment and joint development partners for developing further Nano Crystalline Cellulose (NCC) based products and applications.


About the company

Melodea is an R&D company that leads the development of NCC production from renewable sources and development of new applications for NCC. We are committed to  enrich the industrial world with new sustainable, performing material and array of innovative applications.
MELODEA’s unique technologies and products provide a combination of performance, sustainability, and process options that utilize resources from the forest and agricultural waste streams, improve production safety and reduces the environmental impact.
MELODEA was founded up the collaboration between researchers from the agricultural biotechnology arena, industrialists from the traditional composite industry and professionals within the cleantech sector.


Our products

NanoCrystalline Cellulose (NCC) is the primary building block of plants, from grass to trees. Melodea develops an economic industrial extraction process for the production of NCC from the sludge of the paper industry. We transform the waste nuisance into value. This high-value nanomaterial will be used for a wide range of products. It will enable development of new products, such as our foams for the composite industry, while transforming the performance of existing products.


MELODEA focuses its efforts on developing NCC foam tailored with bio-resins to be applied for composites, and other industrial applications, providing extremely high performance.

Foams are one of the most common forms of core material. They are designed to be applied between skins or sheets of any existing materials (e.g. mats, metal, others). Today, the common cores are mostly manufactured from a variety of synthetic fossil-oil based polymers including PVC, PS, PUR, PET, their expanded forms, and others. Such materials are:  petroleum based materials; have negative environmental effects (e.g. non-disposable); requires hazardous materials for production and hazardous manufacturing processes; they are very sensitive to market prices fluctuation and have dangerous flammable properties.

Development milestones

The company designs and develops its first pilot plant facility enabling the production of NCC in quantities for producing NCC foams and other 3rd party applications. 


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