Bactusense Ltd

Sa'ar (Saar) Amir, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Racah Institute of Physics
Segal Ester

Company Name

Bactusense  Technologies

Company Founders

Ofer Du-nour

Current CEO

Eyal Yoskovitz

About the Company

Bactusense Technology reduces the time of bacteria detection from days to minutes. Hundreds of thousands of tests are done daily bringing a revolution to the $18 billion culturing market. Standard pathogen detection methods used by medical laboratories as well as food and water industries are based on conventional culturing techniques. Although accurate and reliable, it takes between 24 hours to several days to identify pathogens using these techniques, far too long for the medical care, food & water industries.  In addition, these techniques does not distinguish between live and dead bacteria.  Bactusense technology addresses these challenges and is making lives safer by the way it monitors bacteria contamination.

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Target Market/Potential

  • Food Industry
  • Water Industry
  • Clinics & Hospitals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Environment Control

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Contact for more information:

Amichai Baron
VP, Head of Business Development, Agritech & Envir