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Gat Uri, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Alexander Silberman Institute for Life Sciences


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Company Founders

Dr. Shlomzion Shen, CEO; Dr. Shmulik Ittah, CTO and Founder

Current CEO

Dr. Shlomzion Shen

About the Company

Seevix is a privately held biotech company producing high-strength, biocompatible spidersilk fibers, identical to natural fibers. Through recombinant DNA technologies, we are unique in our ability to replicate the natural self-assembly process of spidersilk creation. Seevix targets applications where the fibers’ mechanical properties can radically improve existing products and provide solutions for unmet needs in a variety of industries.

We recently established our first large-scale manufacturing facility and will continue to expand production to meet increasing demand for our fibers. Based on our experience, scale-up will be relatively straight-forward, since large-scale production with similar bioreactor-based systems is being commercially undertaken today by manufacturers of certain vaccines.

Seevix’s expanding scientific team is led by experts with many years of experience in multiple disciplines. In addition, Seevix’s decision-making process is guided by world renowned scientific and medical advisors.

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About Company Products

Medical devices

Biomedical devices could benefit from SVX™, whose extra toughness would be an asset for reconstructive surgery, knee and ligament repair, and surgical meshes. In addition, because SVX fibers are biocompatible, they can be used for efficient coating of a variety of medical devices to modify their properties. Consequently, most implant materials (e.g., nylon, silicone and polyurethane), such as those used in reconstructive implants, catheters and stents, can be efficiently coated with Seevix’s spidersilk.

Surgical sutures

In addition, Seevix is developing next-generation surgical sutures. Spidersilk can be used to create stronger, thinner surgical sutures, reducing the likelihood of scarring and the time required for wound closure. Thus, sutures made from SVX and SVX-based materials are ideally suited for cosmetic, neuro- and vascular surgery. Moreover, owing to SVX’s biocompatibility, we expect that sutures targeting cosmetic and topical use can be quickly brought to market.

Catheter balloons

There is a clear need for less invasive, smaller balloons for angioplasty and catheterization, while retaining the strength and elasticity of the device. SVX enhanced polymer matrices are stronger, enabling the development of miniaturized balloons that can access smaller blood vessels and tap into this market.

Product co-development: Seevix is currently co-developing an intra-aortic balloon with a global medical device company, which has several advantages over the regular balloon, both regarding its mechanical properties and its ease of use.

Development Milestones

We established our first large-scale manufacturing facility in Jerusalem, producing kgs of fibers/year. Fibers purchased in kg quantities are for the production testing stage of our collaborators. In 2019, following signature of a major purchasing agreement, we plan to build a facility producing hundreds of kgs/year.

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