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Technology NameBriefcaseLead Researcher
Once-daily, sustained-release Sirolimus delivery system Categories Oral Cavity, Oncology/Cancer, Sustained Release, Drug Delivery Development Stage Prototypes tested in vitro; pharmokinetic and pharmacodynamic testing in human volunteers ...
Friedman Michael
Wide range of disorders including inflammation, pain, neurological and neurodegenerative diseases, MS, cancer Categories Immunology, Inflammation, CNS, Cardiovascular, Small Molecule Development Stage Tested in head injury small animal ...
Mechoulam Raphael
New family of cytotoxic complexes with potentially less side effects Categories Oncology/cancer, Drug discovery, Apoptosis Development Stage Established in vitro; currently undergoing in vivo and mechanistic studies Patent Status A ...
Tshuva Edit
CNS (MS, Insomnia, Sleepiness, Emesis, Parkinson), Hyperglycemias, Hot Flushes, Obesity Categories Drug delivery, Novel Carrier Development Stage Concept has been proved in animal models (including sheep) for many  diseases  and various ...
Touitou Elka
  Novel heterocyclicals inhibit quorum sensing Categories Formulation, Dental Care, Biofilms Development Stage Various field trials in process Market Biofilms cost millions of dollars each year in medical and nosocomial infections, ...
Steinberg Doron
   Categories Air born allergies including Asthma, hay fever, atopic dermatitis.  Development Stage In vivo and in vitro studies have been completed as well as development of the medical device Patent ...
Shoseyov Oded
Single detector interrogates and analyses complex signals from whole-cell biosensors   Categories Applied Physics, Optoelectronics / Photonics, Cleantech, Homeland Security, Life Science and Biotechnology, Diagnostics Development ...
Agranat Aharon
Novel fusion proteins enable ERT for the first time Categories Peptide/Protein, Metabolic, Protein Therapy Development Stage Proof of concept for LAD deficiency and Friedrich Ataxia, in vivo studies in mice Patent Status National ...
Galski- Lorberboum Haya