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  Category Life Sciences and Biotechnology    Keywords Liver, RNA, miRNA Current development stage TRL4 - POC & Safety of candidate drug formulation is demonstrated in defined animal modelvvvid demonstrated in  defined animal ...
Soreq Hermona
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Yirmiya Raz
Keywords Anti-Aging, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Current development stage TRL3 - hypothesis testing and intial POC demonstrated in limited number of in-vitro modelsApplication With continuous increase in the elderly population, many ...
Keshet Eli
Visual cortex recruited to see using alternative senses, "soundscapes" and touch Categories Artificial vision, Medical applications Development Stage Prototype has been used to train blind individuals to “see” using sound and touch after ...
Amedi Amir
Novel fusion proteins enable ERT for the first time Categories Peptide/Protein, Metabolic, Protein Therapy Development Stage Proof of concept for LAD deficiency and Friedrich Ataxia, in vivo studies in mice Patent Status National ...
Galski- Lorberboum Haya