Leptin-Protein Therapy to Improve Nutritional Status, Well-Being, Cognition, and Survival in Nutritionally-Compromised Patients

Berry Elliot, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, School of Public Health
Avraham Yosefa, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, School of Public Health
Sviri Sigal , HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC

Treatment for conditions caused by caloric restrictions and metabolic stress


Protein Therapy, CNS – Cognition,  Nutrition

Development Stage

TRL4 - Proof of concept in animal model

Patent Status

US Patent 189802



  • Leptin is an adipokine hormone that plays a central role in food intake, energy balance and body weight regulation
  • Effective in mouse model in improving cognitive functioning and survival rate resulting from  various stress states including semi-starvation
  • Application:  treatment for weight loss associated with severe malnutrition, gastro-intestinal disorders, malnutrition caused by cancer, HIV, anorexia, and other diseases or injuries affecting nutritional balance

Our Innovation

A pharmaceutical, using leptin for the treatment of undesirable manifestations of nutritional stress conditions. Leptin is used to improve nutritional well-being, metabolic integrity, cognitive function (especially impaired cognition caused by malnutrition), and to prolong survival.


Key Features

  • Strengthens body condition weakened by disease, infection, malnutrition, and other states associated with negative energy balance
  • Administered by injection
  • Already licensed as safe for use in humans (in rare cases of obesity)

The Opportunity

  • Technology offers effective means of improving nutritional status and cognitive functioning caused by malnutrition
  • Treatment modality to prolong survival rate for patients suffering metabolic stress

Researcher Information http://www.hadassah.org.il/English/Eng_SubNavBar/TheDoctors/elliotberry.htm

Patent Status

Granted US 9,333,240

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