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Manevich Michael

Passive and Adaptive Micro-optics and Diffractive Optics, Micro- and Nano-lithography, 3D-measurement

 Lev Institute-JCT, Electro-optics Department


  • The Non-Conventional Optics Center is active in:
  • Among the priorities of the Center are the design, fabrication technology and characterization of micro-optics and diffractive optics.
  • Several types of passive micro-optical components, such as arrays of micro-lenses, micro-mirrors, micro-prisms and Fresnel micro-lens were developed. A new simple and cheap photolithographic technique for fabrication of such components using inorganic chalcogenide materials and organic photopolymers, which are simultaneously efficient photoresists and high quality optical materials transparent in infra-red and visible ranges, was proposed.  
  • Design and fabrication technology of adaptive micro-lens and micro-mirror arrays using a combination of an organic/inorganic photoresist and liquid crystals were recently developed. In these components the focal length is changed by varying the applied voltage.
  • Research in the field of wet and dry micro- and nano-lithography.
  • Research in the field of advanced optical materials for the visible and infra-red ranges, including    organic photopolymer and inorganic chalcogenide glassy semiconductors.
  • Micro- and nano-structure 3D-measurements, including optical microscopy, micro-interferometric microscopy and atomic force microscopy.      

Research provided

  • Design, fabrication and experimental characterization of passive and adaptive micro-optical components: arrays of micro-lenses, micro-mirrors, micro-prisms and Fresnel micro-lens.  
  • Micro- and nano-structure 3D-measurements.

Available equipment

  • Two one- and double-side mask aligners
  • Three vacuum systems for the thermal evaporation of metals and dry micro-, nano-resists
  • Photoresist spinner
  • Computerized Ultra Clean 100 oven
  • Digital hotplate
  • Interference Microscope, ZYGO
  • Multi-wavelength Confocal Microscope CHRIS, STIL S.A.
  • Atomic Force Microscope
  • Optical Microscopes
  • Filter-wheel type monochromator
  • Clean rooms: Class 10,000 - for general technology processing and Class 100 – for micro- and nano-lithography processes.


Michael Manevich, PhD  

Joseph Varshal, PhD        

Jack Broder, MSc       

David Ben-Lolo, BSc student   

Meir Cohen, BSc student


Michael Manevich, michaelm@jct.ac.il

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Itzik Goldwaser
VP, Head of Research Collaborations
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