AI for Brand Management Visual Elicitation of Brand Perception

Peres Renana , HUJI, School of Business Administration, Marketing

Understanding consumers’ associations with brands is a central part of brand management. It is a challenge for brand management agencies and large FMCG companies managing their own brands. Consumers associate a brand with multiple objections, emotions, activities, and concepts.

Our Innovation
The researchers developed an AI-powered Brand Visual Elicitation Platform (B-VEP) that allows companies to collect and analyze online brand collages from consumers.

Using unsupervised machine-learning and image-processing tools, the researchers analyzed the collages to obtain a detailed set of associations for each brand. Using the power of visuals to depict a detailed representation of respondents’ relationships with a brand, the elicitation is direct, unaided, scalable, and quantitative. The tool helps to obtain:

  • prototypical brand visuals
  • relating associations to brand personality and equity
  • identify favorable associations per category
  • explore brand uniqueness through differentiating associations
  • identify commonalities between brands across categories for potential collaborations


Association extraction methodology combines beyond state-of-the-art text-mining methods. B-VEP can be used to support both the creative function and the strategic function of the brand management team. For the creative function it provides a prototypical collage, or a mood board, for each brand insights. For strategical functions it is useful in assessing brand health, competition relative to other brands as well as collaboration opportunities.

Article https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0022242921996661


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