Pharmacology Simulation Lab

Arien Zakay Hadar, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, School of Pharmacy- Institute for Drug Research


Pharmacology is a mandatory part of all medical education programs. It is also part of a range of general medical studies of all levels like nursing certification programs. All require highly experienced teaching staff as well as a sophisticated education infrastructure. Not all educational institutions and hospitals have the necessary facilities, structure, or personnel to meet program requirements.

The wet lab learning module has been a powerful and traditional tool for pharmacological education for hundreds of years, however, it is costly to maintain and has ethical issues with the use of animals. Developing a suitable modern alternative is therefore highly necessary. The digital pharmacology wet lab simulation is the first step in creating an infrastructure for the transition to the hybrid (online-offline) model in pharmacology studies. It is cost-effective and will give students around the world accessibility to required knowledge and know-how.

Our Innovation

Our invention is a novel pedagogy platform for pharmacology studies. The platform is comprised of:

An interactive virtual lab interface, built according to data collected from live experiments.

Online engagement with educators and users, developed as part of the virtual lab application.

An educational framework including, but not limited to: programs translated into specific teaching strategies, tactics, and approaches. Including workshops, user guides, experiments, protocols, Q&As, report templates and exams. This course will include assignments, tutorials, quizzes, and guidance to both students and teachers. The assignments will address the learning subjects gradually, from simple protocols for learning outcomes of knowledge (i.e., remember, understand) to complex protocols stimulating higher learning objectives (analyze and evaluate complex possible outcomes using specific drugs).

The virtual lab is designed with an interactive communication interface that could be integrated in to various LMS systems.



  • The proposed platform allows experiments with a much broader spectrum of pharmacological effects and actions compared to the current competing technologies. The interface is also unique in its comprehensive and integrative pedagogical approach, making it easy to use as both student and teacher.
  • All ex-vitro experiments are completed
  • Prototype of data analysis is completed
  • Prototype of pedagogy materials is completed


Pharmacology studies in medicine, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, veterinary medicine, and other health and research oriented biomedical programs in higher education.


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