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Navon Oded, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Institute of Earth Sciences


Raman spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, mineralogy, gemology, diamonds



  • The laboratory is active in the field of mineral vibrational spectroscopy

Research provided

  • Transmission and reflection mid- and near-IR of minerals and other solids, Raman micro-analysis of materials


  • Highly skilled, experienced researcher using state-of-the-art equipment
  • Specialization in diamond analysis

Available equipment

  • FTIR: Open beam and micro-chamber at 400-7500 cm-1 and IR microscope (600-4500 cm-1) measurements of transmitted and reflected light and determination of nitrogen speciation and concentration
  • Raman: Two lasers (514 nm Ar+ and 780 nm solid state) and a heating-freezing stage
  • The Renishaw 1000 Micro-Raman spectrometer, equipped with 514 nm Ar+ laser and 780 nm diode laser, Olympus microscope with automated stage and a thermo-electrically cooled CCD detector  
  • Linkam 600 heating-freezing stage
  • A Nicolet 740 spectrometer, covering the mid-IR (400-5000 cm-1, using glowbar source, KBr beamsplitter and MCT detector) and the near IR (1900-10000 cm-1, halogen source, CaF2 beamsplitter and InSb detector). It is coupled to a Bruker IRscope II microscope with MCT detector (600-5000 cm-1), but may also be used with the regular sample chamber, a micro-beam device or diffused reflectance attachment


  • Oded Navon, PhD


Oded Navon, PhD Oded.Navon@huji.ac.il

Homepage: http://earth.huji.ac.il/facilities-in.asp?id=25 

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