Innovative Non-Penetrating Formulation for Sunscreen

Touitou Elka, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, School of Pharmacy- Institute for Drug Research
Bergelson Lev, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC

Commercial Advantages

Our invention is a platform for a new group of sun–related products with a versatile range of compounds with high applicability for cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations. The new class of sunscreens is prepared from natural and synthetic available materials approved for human use. The skin substantivity property of the new compounds is an important advantage over the currently used sunscreens. Another advantage of this ingredient is that it offers for the formulators of emulsions and creams the use of this compound as the oily phase and as a sun-screen in their compositions at the same time.

  • Improved photo-stability
  • SPF boosters
  • Photo-stabilization of other filters present in the formulation. Good emollients
  • Potentially improved water-resistance due to its hydrophobicity and water repellency
  • Improved “film-forming” due to uniform coverage on the skin.
  • Improved solubility due to the “solid crystalline” form of the compounds

The use will generate new improved cosmetic and pharmaceutical products as demanded by the actual market needs.


General Background

Existing skin photo-protectors being small organic molecules do not remain confined to the surface of the skin being washed up from the skin. Generally, their protective action is only very short. Therefore the development of long-lasting photo-protectors confined to the skin, particularly those based on natural products, remains an actual task.

The present invention relates to the preparation and use of photo-protectors (UVA& UVB) with skin substantivity.

Current Status

New sunscreens have been prepared, identified and tested at laboratory level for their physio-chemical properties and substantivity (residue on skin after bath).

The patents are granted.

Future Plans

Ready for further development and commercialization.

Applications and Potential Markets

The new compounds will be used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries and Raw material manufactures are the potential markets for this new class of products.


Patent Status

Granted US 7,736,630; Australia (Oceania) 2002253492; Europe 1427386; Germany (Europe) 60238067.7-08; Israel ; Italy (Europe) 47594 BE 2011; Japan (Asia) 4248250; Spain 2351295

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