In-Ovo Feeding to Support and Accelerate Poultry Growth

Uni Zehava, HUJI, Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences, Animal Sciences
Ferket Peter R

Results in 5% increase in chick's weight and faster time to market


Agriculture, Animal Science / Veterinary Medicine, Animal Feed / Nutrition

Development Stage

Basic research complete; product file available

Patent Status

U.S. patent 6,592,878 granted; Chinese patent 01813857.8 granted; patent applications in Europe, Israel and Brazil pending


Global poultry bird population stands at 18 billion birds (greater than 86.2 million tonnes), up from 14 billion ten years ago.


  • Method for providing nutrition supplements to chick embryos three days before hatching
  • As many as 4% of hatchling chickens and turkeys do not survive the critical post-hatch period due to limited body reserves; many survivors show stunted growth, inefficient feed utilization, reduced disease resistance, or poor meat yield.
  • Chicks fed within one hour of clearing the shell show accelerated development of the intestine during the post-hatch period, critical for the chick to establish the digestive capacity necessary to meet the demands for early growth and survival.
  • Effects of early feeding vary because it depends on voluntary consumption of food by chick.
  • In ovo feeding enables broilers to reach market size several days faster than conventional methods


Our Innovation

Unique in ovo feeding method provides a liquid nutrient supplement of carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, and other nutraceuticals to chicken embryo three days before hatching.

Key Features

  • Facilitates neonatal development
  • Increased hatchling weight, post-hatch survival, meat yield
  • Improved tolerance to stress, digestion and nutrient absorption capacity
  • Improved immune response to enteric (intestinal) antigens

Development Milestones

  • Seeking cooperation with feed additives company for production and marketing

The Opportunity

  • Company producing these additives has the ability to offer its customers a food additive that will enable them to increase the quality and time to market and thus, profitability, of their chicks.

Patent Status

Granted US 8,734,837; US 6,592,878; China 01813857.8; Europe 1307230; Israel 154266

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