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Pepticom is implementing its proprietary core AI technology on various Coronavirus proteins and the ACE2 to identify novel inhibitors that can fight Sars Cov2. They are currently looking for partners to validate and develop these peptide drug candidates.

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Company Founders

Pepticom emerged out of Prof. Amiram Goldblum laboratory in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a team of multidisciplinary PhD scientists and business entrepreneurs.

Current CEO

Dr. Immanuel Lerner

About the Company

Pepticom is the leader in the emerging field of AI for peptide design that allow pharma companies to accelerate innovative molecules design and discovery while reducing the time, costs and risks involved.

Pepticom’s proprietary technology enables the design and discovery of advanced peptide-based drug candidates quickly and comprehensively. Pepticom's computational drug design overcomes the limitations of existing display techniques through reinforcement learning methodology.

Pepticom has several ongoing collaboration and pilot projects to design and develop new active products with leading Pharma/Biotech’s and Agriculture companies.

  • Toll-Like Receptor (TLR) modulating peptides. Wide range of agonists and antagonists discovered, with potential usage in novel vaccination technologies.

Computationally Designed Bispecific MD2/CD14 Binding Peptides Show TLR4 Agonist Activity, Amit Micaheli et al., J Immunol. 2018 Dec 1;201(11):3383-3391


  • Pro-bono project in the area of ultra-rare disease: Adult Polyglucosan Body Disease, revolutionary peptide developed for stabilizing of mutant Glycogen branching enzyme 1 (GBE1).

Structural basis of glycogen branching enzyme deficiency and pharmacologic rescue by rational peptide design, Sean Froese et al., Human Molecular Genetics, 2015, Vol. 24, No. 20 5667–5676

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Pepticom has its own development program -- two validated drug targets with several peptide leads molecules (all are small cyclic with non-natural AA modifications).

Development Milestones

  • 2013-2020: The company developed its core technology and applied it in commercial collaborations.
  • 2020 Raised $5 Million in Series A Funding in


Target Market

Pharma Companies: Pepticom is looking to partner with companies engaged in peptide discovery and development. The company’s AI peptide design platform can augment the drug discovery and development process.

Selected collaborators: 


Fraunhofer institute

The Hebrew University

Hadassah Medical center

Oxford University

Stuttgart University


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