Water-Degradable Hygienic and Sanitary Products

Cohn Daniel, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Institute of Chemistry


Life Sciences and BioTechnology   

Technology Keywords:

Small molecules, medicinal chemistry, Neural Regenerative Medicine, Neurotropic drugs

Development Stage:

Ready for commercialization

Patent Status:

US Provisional Patent Application


neurological disorders, stroke



Soluble hygienic products like wet wipes, tampons could solve an important sanitary issue, addressing also the consequent ecological problems.

Our Innovation

  • Polymers with appropriate mechanical properties and liquid absorbency for fast and complete solubility, when flushed into a large amount of cold water (e.g. to the sewage).
  • The polymer keeps its structural integrity and absorption capacity in body temperature while dissolves in lower temperatures.
  • Safe to use, no irritation or allergic response



  • Rendering hygienic products (wipes etc.) by polymer
  • Outstanding performance displayed by a family of developed polymers
  • Optionally, polymers’ rendering could be also biodegradable.


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VP Business Development Healthcare
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