Reches Meital, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Institute of Chemistry

Company Profile

NanoAF develops, manufactures and sells coatings which prevent bacterial adhesion to surfaces. This groundbreaking technology allows manufacturers of medical devices, water solutions, and food packaging to prevent bacterial colonization on various products.

NanoAF Coating

  • Prevents biofilm
  • Can be applied on all surfaces (glass, titanium, silicon oxide, metals and polymers)
  • Self-assemble to a monolayer coating on any target surface
  • Easy to synthesize
  • Non toxic
  • Non biocidal

Patent Status

Published CN 105143245 A; 2951195;

Granted US 9,631,100; US 9,862,837; Israel 240053

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Eitan Dekel
VP Business Development - Computer Science
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