Novel, Dual-Action Peptide for Treament of Type 2 Diabetes

Ben-Sasson Shmuel, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, Developmental Biology and Cancer Research
Dor Yuval , HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, Developmental Biology and Cancer Research



Life Sciences and Biotechnology   


Type 2 Diabetes, Peptide, Insulin, Fatty liver, Glucose.

Current development stage

TRL3 Experimental proof of concept      

Our Innovation

Based on a provocative working hypothesis, DiBait (DB) has identified the molecular origin of insulin resistance (IR). This, in turn, enables DB designing an 11 a.a. peptide that eliminates IR in animal models.

  • Identification of a structural motif shared by liver key regulatory proteins. IR is induced via post-translational modification (PTM) of these proteins upon starvation and in fatty liver.
  • The designer peptide constitute a decoy of the PTM target-sequence and compete for occupation of the modifying enzyme binding-site, thereby abrogating IR evolvement.


  • Nullifying the vicious circle that starts with peripheral IR, as a result of fatty liver, and ends up as full-blown type-2-diabetes (T2D). In other words, providing a cure to T2D, as opposed to symptomatic treatment.

Pre-Clinical Results

  • Significant, persistent reduction in blood glucose level demonstrated in T2D animal model (db/db mice), following once a day injection of the peptide, observed already after 1 day.
  • This reduction in blood glucose occurs in diabetic but not in normal mice.
  • Significant reduction in plasma triglycerides in treated T2D mice with no effect on terminal plasma insulin or glucagon.


We envision a short peptide or peptidomimetic molecule that is likely to be packaged in a capsule using appropriate formulation for oral administration to cure type 2 diabetes.

The collaboration with major Pharma companies will help   accelerate the drug development process and bring an effective therapy to hundreds of millions of T2D patients around the world





Patent Status

Published WO 2018/229752 A1

Contact for more information:

Shani Bullock
VP, Business Development, Healthcare