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Agranat Aharon, HUJI, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Applied Physics


Optoelectronic engineering, nonlinear optics and holography, soft condensed matter physics, material science, silicon VLSI, electroholography, dielectric electrooptic effect, KLTN crystal, refractive index engineering



  • The Optoelectronic Computing Laboratory imports concepts and phenomena from the realm of fundamental physics to the arena of optoelectronic engineering. The laboratory’s foci are the integration methodology among digital computers, communication networks and advanced sensing capabilities
  • Crystal growth laboratory for bulk electro optic and nonlinear optics crystals by top seeding solution growth and liquid phase epitaxial growth methods

Research performed


Current research activities at the laboratory include:


  • Time response of the quadratic EO effect
  • Immunity to optical damage in paraelectric EO crystals
  • Dielectric properties of amorphous layers in KLTN


Systems and Applications

  • Wavelength addressing using the optical power grid
  • Electrooptic biosensor

Material Science

  • Selective etching in electrooptic crystalline substrates
  • LPE of the KTN crystal and its derivatives

Volume holography characterization laboratory

Optical communication laboratory



  • Research activities are conducted by a highly dedicated, skilled and knowledgeable staff of technicians and graduate students


  • Aharon Agranat, PhD
  • Jean Meyer
  • Yehudit Garcia, MSc
  • Galina Perepelitsa, MSc

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VP, Head of Research Collaborations
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