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Lebendiker Mario A, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Alexander Silberman Institute for Life Sciences


Protein, protein purification, protein expression systems, protein extraction and clarification, protein characterization



The Protein Purification Facility provides consultation, information and assistance to researchers and students as well as biotech and pharmaceutical companies interested in protein purification


Research provided

  • Develop, optimize and upscale protocols for protein purification from samples of different sources; design purification strategy according to each protein
  • Protein purification for structural studies like X-ray crystallography or NMR
  • Tools for protein characterization and refolding
  • Tools to increase solubility and/or stability of proteins as well as their ability to crystallize
  • Courses in protein purification and expression
  • Active support and consultation


  • The Protein Purification Facility is the only place in Israel that provides such comprehensive services, leveraging our unique equipment and wide experience

Client record

  • We are actively involved in significant collaboration in structural and biochemical studies, isolation, and identification of new proteins. Past commercial clients include SimetraPharm, MGVS, AFFISINK, MaimoniDex RA, TEVA-ABIC

Available equipment

  • Complete and fully automated liquid chromatography system designed for method development and research applications
  • Columns and resins for purification according to size, charge, hydrophobicity and substrate affinity
  • Gel electrophoresis and IEF (isoelectric focusing) apparatus
  • Cell disruption, blotting and ultrafiltration systems


  • Mario Lebendiker, PhD, Head of the Facility


Mario Lebendiker, PhD, mariol@mail.ls.huji.ac.il, tel.: 972-2-658-6920

Link to homepage http://wolfson.huji.ac.il/purification/index.html


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