Research & Services | The Protein Expression Facility

Danieli Tsafi, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Wolfson Foundation Centre for Applied Structural Biology


Genetics, gene cloning, protein production



The facility functions as a resource and training center for scientists in the fields of gene construction and protein production


Research provided

* Specialization in four major expression systems for a wide variety of applications:

  • Bacterial cells: Optimization of expression conditions in a wide variety of vectors and E.coli strains
  • Insect cells: Specialized baculovirus facility, using the latest developments for optimization of expression for both secreted and non-secreted proteins
  • Mammalian cells: Production of high-titer lentiviruses for induction of primary cells and live animals
  • Cell-free expression: Production of up to several milligrams of proteins in E.coli and wheat-germ based lysates

* Individual training programs in the fields of gene construction and protein expression

* Annual graduate-level workshops in protein expression and purification



  • State-of-the-art technologies, equipment and scientific support to all research laboratories at The Hebrew University, other universities and biotech companies

  • Implementation and development of technologies in gene cloning, protein production, and mammalian cells involving gene silencing, reporter genes

Client record

  • Compugen
  • Promega
  • SimetraPharm
  • Teva-Abic

Available equipment

  • Educational website with bioinformatics tools, specific useful protein expression procedures and tutorials used as a support tool for students and scientists.
  • A wide range of temperature-controlled incubator shakers for bacterial expression. Capacity: 10 liters/week
  • Insect-cell incubator shakers. Capacity: 2 liters/week
  • ProteoMaster(Roche Applied Sciences) cell-free expression apparatus.
  • Standard equipment for molecular biology lab such as gel documentation station, spectrophotometer, laminar flow hoods (x3)


  • Tsafi Danieli, PhD
  • Limor Matzrafi, technician


  • Tsafi Danieli, PhD, tsafid@cc.huji.ac.il
  • Link to homepage http://wolfson.huji.ac.il/expression/index.html



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VP, Head of Research Collaborations
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