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Rosenfeld Daniel, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Institute of Earth Sciences
Khain Alexander, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Institute of Earth Sciences


Cloud physics, rain physics, cloud seeding, tropical cyclones, radiation, remote sensing, numerical modelling, physics of aerosols, atmospheric turbulence, weather modification



  • Cloud Physics Laboratory focuses on the atmospheric aspects influencing cloud formation and precipitation processes by combining satellite and radar imaging, in-situ research flights, environmental and cloud modelling, modelling of severe storms, breezes, tropical cyclones, theoretical microphysics research, and climate research
  • Cloud and storm simulation component

Research provided

  • Research and methods to study cloud-aerosol interactions

  • Nowcasting of severe convective storms

  • Cloud seeding experiments

  • Develop methods to modify hurricanes and severe convective storms

  • Novel microphysical schemes for use in advanced cloud and mesoscale models


  • The Cloud Physics Experimental and Computational Laboratory develops technology that has revolutionized the field of cloud physics and weather modification

Client record

  • All major research-granting foundations
  • California Energy Commission
  • Center for Climate Research, University of Tokyo
  • European Commission
  • Israeli Ministry of Defense
  • Israeli Water Commission
  • NASA
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Available equipment

  • Access to a variety of research satellites
  • High-performance computer clusters


  • Carynelisa Erlick, PhD
  • Haim Gvirtzman, PhD
  • Alexander Khain, PhD
  • Haim-Zvi Krugliak, MS, Laboratory Manager
  • Mark Pinsky, PhD
  • Andrei Pokrovsky, PhD
  • Daniel Rosenfeld, PhD


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Contact for more information:

Itzik Goldwaser
VP, Head of Research Collaborations