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Luz Boaz, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Institute of Earth Sciences


Isotopes, stable isotopes, spectrometry, biogeochemistry



  • The stable isotope research laboratory at the Institute of Earth Sciences is a modern laboratory with the capabilities of rapid high precision isotope ratio analyses of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide from a wide array of biological and geological sample media

Research provided

  • Nitrogen and carbon isotopes as well as C:N ratio in organic matter
  • Oxygen and carbon isotopes in carbonates
  • Oxygen and carbon isotopes in dissolved inorganic carbon
  • Oxygen and carbon isotopes in CO2 gas
  • Three oxygen isotopes in water and O2 gas
  • Calibration of laboratory oxygen standards


  • Research carried out in the laboratory includes development of cutting edge technologies and their application in a wide scope of geochemical projects.

Available equipment

  • ThermoQuest Delta Plus and Delta Plus XL isotope ratio mass spectrometers
  • Balzers QMG 421 quadrupole mass spectrometer
  • Variety of peripheral equipment for both continuous flow and double inlet mass spectrometric studies

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