Research & Services | Organic Geochemistry - Energy and Ecology

Aizenshtat Zeev, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Institute of Chemistry


Organic geochemistry, chemical ecology, fossil fuels, hydrogen and upgrading, cyanobacterial mats, polyoxometalates, HDS catalysts and aromatics hydrogenation




The laboratory uses organic geochemistry and chemical ecology in an interdisciplinary approach to develop

  • Analytical tools to interact in international projects set up to resolve disasters, such as petroleum spills
  • Improved fossil fuels and motor oils
  • Hydrogen storage and upgrading of diesel and aviation fuels
  • Application of previous studies for bituminous rocks for energy and fuel production

Research provided

  • Development of techniques and patented solutions for the bioremediation of petroleum spills, based upon Solar Lake cyanobacterial mats with added stable isotopes of sulfur and carbon
  • Development of special dyes and their stabilization and application
  • New catalysts of the polyoxometalates family for the ecological improvement of motors oils via HDS as well as reduction of PAH and other aromatics
  • Methods to offset the transport of organic pollutants into water reservoirs using sulphate isotopes as a marker for source of salination
  • New, environmentally enhanced procedures relating to different types of organic matter and their chemical behavior under acidic conditions via use of solid super acids
  •  Research and development of products related to the thermal behavior of polymers and brominated compounds (fire retardants)
  • Performance of related projects and consultation 


  • The Organic Geochemistry Laboratory has highly skilled, experienced researchers utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and technologies

Available equipment

  • Highly sophisticated analytical instrumentation for the study of natural mixtures of compounds using advanced GC-MS as well as GC-MS/MS (ion trap) and isotopic ratios (?34S ; ?13C and others) of bulk and single compounds, as well as single compounds for carbon IRMS


  • Zeev Aizenshtat, PhD
  • Irena Miloslavski, Chief  Technician
  • Three PhD level researchers and four lab assistants


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VP, Head of Research Collaborations
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