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Beigel Michael, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC


Video, multimedia, biology, medicine, biomedicine, lectures, presentations, film, movies, DVD


  • Multimedia Assisted Learning Studio provides one central unit to promote, produce and encourage the use of multimedia technologies at all teaching levels in the medical campus

Research provided

  • Information center on scientific and medical films, videotapes, DVD's and CD- ROMs available in Israel and different countries
  • Video library of scientific and medical videotapes and DVD's for the medical faculty
  • Video production
  • Production of multimedia educational programs
  • Editing video material produced independently by teachers, students, and scientists
  • Multimedia studio services for the Medical Centre
  • Preparation of multimedia lectures on the different relations of medicine, biology, science and the movies


  • Modern, sophisticated video and multimedia equipment.
  • Proximity of the studio to the Faculty of Medicine Research laboratories and to Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Kerem
  • Expertise of Michael Beigel, PhD in Biochemistry (The Hebrew University) and a film director/editor certificate (Camera Obscura School of Art)
  • First Prize, Darmouth Clinical Microsystem Film Festival, 2003

Client record

  • The Multimedia Studio has produced and edited hundreds of videos and multimedia presentations for the Faculty of Medicine, HUJI and Hadassah Hospital, as well as for many non university organizations such as: The Health Ministry, The Israeli Police Department., Israeli Defence Forces and others

Available equipment

  • Two complete 3CCD and 1CCD video camera sets with lighting and sound facilities
  • Recording video and sound studio
  • Time lapse cinematography videotape and SVHS video camera adapted to a phase/micromanipulator microscopy
  • Digital video and sound editing room with titling, graphic and simple animation facilities
  • DVD production facilities
  • DVD, DVCAM, SVHS, VHS and Umatic players, PC computers with DVD and CD-ROM  as well as 16 mm film projector, 8 mm film projector
  • Multimedia projection facilities


  • Michael Beigel, PhD


  • Michael Beigel, PhD.  michael.beigel@ekmd.huji.ac.il

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VP, Head of Research Collaborations
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