Research & Services | Nanophotonics and Quantum Optics Biophysics and Medical Physics

Lewis Aaron, HUJI, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Applied Physics


Nanophotonics, quantum optics biophysics, medical physics, near-field optics, nano tools



  • The laboratory is recognized for its contributions and activities in near-field optics.

Research provided

  • The Nanophotonics and Quantum Optics, Biophysics and Medical Physics Laboratory provides research in
  • Near-field optics
  • Nano-tool development (nanopens, nanotweezers, nanoheaters, etc.)
  • Light energy transduction in visual photoreceptors and related systems
  • Laser and laser emulating ultramicrosurgery with no collateral damage at and below tissue surfaces
  • Neural computation and associative learning in a living, learning neurobiological system
  • Second harmonic generation (SHG), non-linear optical imaging of membrane potential in neural networks


  • Expertise in nanophotonics in a broad range of fields from biological systems to semiconductors 
  • Significant experience in the application of lasers for both linear and non-linear processes for biology, medicine and semiconductors 
  • At the forefront of optics and development of multiple nanophotonic probes and nanowriting capabilities

Client record

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Intel

Available equipment

  • Near-field optical characterization
  • Femtosecond lasers for linear and non-linear spectroscopy
  • Nanowriting instrumentation
  • Medical techniques emulating lasers and ultrafast lasers for medical applications


  • Aaron Lewis, PhD
  • Mila Palchan, MSc
  • Zachar Manaevitch, MSc
  • Danielle Honigstein, MSc
  • Nataly Cohen, MSc
  • Shalom Weinberger, MSc
  • Avi Israel, MSc

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Itzik Goldwaser
VP, Head of Research Collaborations
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