Game Theory-based Consulting Services

Winter Eyal, HUJI, Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics


Consulting services, economics, game theory



Our team provides consulting services for firms and organizations using advanced tools and insights from game theory relating to a variety of problems which involve strategic interactions within or between firms. Game theory is recognized as the theory of interactive decision making, offering a unique approach that has proven to be extremely effective


Research provided

  • Among others we provide consulting services for the following issues:
  • Auctions- Preparing bidders in auctions to maximize the chance of purchase at the lowest possible price; designing auction mechanisms for firms as sellers to maximizing revenue, and for governments to increase market competition
  • Incentive schemes- Designing incentive schemes to boost workers' effort and performance; advising governments and organizations in designing incentive schemes for a market to achieve specific goals; consulting firms and organizations in utilizing various incentive schemes set by the government
  • Industrial organization- Consultation with firms to develop their competitive market strategy; and avoidance of anti-trust violation including expert witnessing for such cases
  • Settlements- Proposing efficient settlements between firms based on game theoretic models including partnership dissolution and mergers
  • Security-Consulting firms and organizations on security matters using game theoretic models



Our team members are internationally prominent researchers in game theory with proven record of successful consulting


Client record

Senior staff members are internationally recognized researchers in game theory with consulting experience for commercial firms, government agencies and security services

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Itzik Goldwaser
VP, Head of Research Collaborations
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