New Oral Delivery Carrier for Prolonged Action of Cannabinoids

Touitou Elka, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, School of Pharmacy- Institute for Drug Research



Cannabinoids, Drug Delivery, Novel Carrier, Oral Formulation

Development Stage

In-vivo proof of concept

Patent Status

PCT patent application filed


Improved delivery of cannabinoids is a real need and has an increasing demand   



  • There is a need for oral administration for products containing cannabinoids that show a prolonged effective action. Currently, cannabinoids are administrated in capsules or sublingual spray, the drug having only short action (a peak effect up to 4 hours with a median T max up to 2.5 hours).
  • Cannabinoids are very lipophilic molecules.  Hence, in order to bring them to a molecular state (dissolved), solvents like vegetable oils, glycols (propylene glycol) and ethanol are used. 
  • We have designed a new dosage form for oral administration of cannabinoids that can be used for treatment of various ailments including pain, neurological diseases, sleep, loss of appetite, mood, anxiety, rheumatic arthritis, inflammatory diseases, and stress.



  •  Our new oral delivery platform for cannabinoids does not require oils or chemical solvents.
  •  Eco-friendly preparation process, no need for high heating or use of solvents.
  • The inactive ingredients used in this new dosage form are approved for pharmaceutical use
  • The technology is adequate for various cannabinoids: CBG, CBC, CBD, THC, iso-THC, CBN, CBE, CBL, CBT and their mixtures or for plant extracts.
  • In-vivo proof of concept


Our Innovation

We evaluated the prolonged anti-nociceptive effect of cannabinoids administered orally from the new formulation in animal pain using a mice model as compared to untreated animals. The results of this experiment indicate that cannabinoid administration to mice from the new oral formulation lead to a rapid and prolonged significant analgesic effect starting from the first hour and  reaching high MPE (Maximum Possible Effect) values:  77% at the first hour and maintained at 60% up to 10 hours and 49.4% at 12 hours   

Figure 1: MPE % values in mice treated orally with cannabinoid from the new oral formulation 1, 3, 6, 8, 10 and 12 hours prior to pain induction.



Key Features

  • Oral Delivery of CBD
  • Excipients approved for pharmaceutical use
  • Eco-friendly process
  • Anti-nociceptive (very efficient and prolonged pain management) effect in animal model of cannabinoid in the new oral formulation

Development Milestones

Seeking investment in new company or industrial collaboration for the development,





Patent Status

Published CN108366962