Fast, Easy kit for the Detection of Bacterial Tolerance to Antibiotics

Balaban Natalie, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Racah Institute of Physics


TD-test kit is a simple modification of the standard disk-diffusion assay that allows the semi-quantitative evaluation of survival rate and killing dynamics of Bacteria.

The TDTest enables the detection of tolerant and persistent bacteria by promoting the growth of the surviving bacteria in the inhibition zone, once the antibiotic has diffused away

Antibiotic drug tolerance - the ability to survive longer under bactericidal treatments - is a clinically significant phenomenon that is overlooked because time-kill assays are too labor intensive to perform routinely in clinical microbiology labs.

Our Innovation

  • Detection of different levels of antibiotic tolerance in clinical isolates of E.Coli  
  • Identification of antibiotics that effectively eliminate tolerant bacteria.
  • Enabling tailoring a better treatment regimens for pathogenic bacteria.


  • Integration of the TDtest in the Clinical Microbiology laboratory is valuable tool to facilitate the study of the clinical implication of tolerance and persistence.
  • The TDtest enables screens for compounds or combinations that are potent against tolerant and persistent bacteria and speed up drug development.
  • Characterization and classification of strains as per their rapidity of their killing under several antibiotics


Related publication: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5286521/


Patent Status

Granted US 10,889,847

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