Novel Sugar Enhancer

Niv Masha, HUJI, Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences, Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition


 Sweet, Taste enhancements, Taste formation

Current development stage

TRL4 Technology validated in lab; Seeking to partner with companies to work on specific products


Sweet taste is one of the primary determinants of food preference and intake. Sweetness has a huge impact on health and global economy, leading to constant search for cost effective, healthy, novel sweeteners.  Sugar is extensively consumed in modern diets. The current limitations of existing artificial sweeteners are manifold:

  • Artificial sweeteners do not help to avoid obesity.
  • Popular sweeteners have a bad after-taste
  • Many of the successful sweeteners are very expensive to produce.

There is a need to reach the same sweetness level and keep desired taste profile while less sugar is consumed.

Our Innovation

The researchers discovered two novel molecules that enhance the sweet intensity of natural sugars, like glucose.

POC conducted for 2 molecules

  • During the experiments, researchers tested the Glycemic Index (GI=3) and the caloric value (1.5 Kcal/gm) of the perspective compounds
  • Four more molecules will be further investigated
  • Natural sugars, GRAS materials
  • Cost advantage, Large scale production established.

Perspective compounds were tested and sensory experiments conducted.  Compound A has a low Glycemic Index* (GI=3) and caloric value (1.5 Kcal/gram), and is At 5% substitution by compound A, calories will be reduced by ≈20%


Figure 1 Sweetness score of mixture: glucose and compound A


Figure 2 Relative sweetness: The sweetness of the combination was compared to sweetness of base glucose solution for each participant. Presented on Y axis is the averaged relative sweetness for the 24 participants


Sugar enhancers are widely employed in Food and Beverages industry in products like sweet beverages, diary, snacks, energy drinks and table top sweeteners.

The novel compounds are potential healthy substitute for sugar and can transform “red label” products to “green label” by 20-30% calorie reduction.



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