Novel Capsules for Selective Water Treatment

Nussinovitch Amos, HUJI, Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences, Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition

Cellular solids for wide range of applications


Food and Nutrition, Carriers/Encapsulation, Hydrocolloids, Agriculture, Environment, Water Technologies, Pest Control/Herbicides

Development Stage

Sponges routinely produced in laboratory


  • A single hydrocolloid (water-soluble polymer) or a combination of hydrocolloids is used to produce hydrocolloid sponges (cellular solids)
  • Versatile basis for range of manufacturers who can adapt properties to product requirements
  • Sponges routinely produced in laboratory
  • Wide range of applications:  functional food, medicine, agriculture, environment, packaging

Our Innovation

An assortment of methods to produce hydrocolloid sponges that are dry, porous, tasteless, and colorless. Properties, including water absorption, biodegradability, pore size, and structure, as well as color, taste, and texture, can be tailored to requirements.

Key Features

  • High liquid absorption and high compressibility
  • Flexible loading capacity is basis for use as carriers for a wide range of compounds: vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, medical, fertilizers, and micro-organisms for water treatment and biological control of plant diseases
  • Base for edible products, containing sugar or sugar substitute, flavoring agents, or taste enhancers
  • Hydrocolloid sponges recognized as safe, with FDA approval

Development Milestones

  • Seeking licensing agreements and funding for continued research and industrialization

The Opportunity

  • Low-calorie dietary food supplement; can be produced with nutritional compounds
  • Potential for use as biological control of plant root diseases and reducing nitrate level in water, in controlled release of medicinal agents, and as biodegradable packaging material
  • Future development for use as medicinal bandages, biodegradable diapers, and hygienic pads

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