Oral delivery systems for Cannabinoids for immediate and for prolonged action

Touitou Elka, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, School of Pharmacy- Institute for Drug Research



Pain , nausea, insomnia, food intake, epilepsies, anxiety

Development Stage

Formulated systems

 Results in animals- oral and nasal

Results in animal model  for a new drug combination  in treatment of pain

Patent Status

U.S. granted patent number: 8,911,751; provisional  application

Market Size

Global Cannabinoid market is fast growing


  • Currently, need for formulations of cannabinoids  with immediate and  prolonged action by oral delivery
  • New treatments could improve therapy

Our Innovation

  • New oral formulation in a delivery  carrier for efficient sustained action of cannabinoids
  • Intranasal drug delivery carrier for immediate action of cannabinoids
  • Efficient treatment using nasal administration with a new delivery carrier and a new drug combination. 

Key Features

  • Cannabinoid oral dosage form based on a new oral delivery carrier
  • Cannabinoid nasal formulations based on a new nasal carrier
  • Contains FDA approved ingredients

Development Milestones

Results in animals

The Opportunity

  • Huge market – HOT TOPIC
  • Opportunity for new and improved formulations for CANNABINOIDS


Researcher Information

Professor Elka Touitou




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