Repurposing Approved Drugs for New Indications

Tabach Yuval, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, Developmental Biology and Cancer Research


Repurposing Approved Drugs for New Indications

TTM: 6-2019-6745

Prof. Yuval Tabach


Life Sciences and Biotechnology   


Drug Repurposing, Computational biology, Personalized



Our innovation
The genetic revolution which has taken place in recent years brings new opportunities to the field of drug discovery and repositioning. Using advanced comparative genomic and data integration, our lab has been developing a state-of-the-art AI algorithm which maps drug and food supplements that are useful in treating diseases and improving health conditions. To create this algorithm, we have been integrating and analyzing massive amounts of genomic data from 1,600 genomes, 14,000 compounds, 20,000 human genes, and a comprehensive database of phenotypic data.

We now propose harnessing our unique approach to discover drugs that fight against various pathogens and disease states. We have already demonstrated that applying our unique AI algorithm has yielded a preliminary list of possible drugs with the promise of affecting various medical conditions.


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