Recombinant SV40 capsid protein attenuates Acute Kidney Injury

Oppenheim Ariella, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC



Acute Renal Failure, Organ transplant, Cancer Patients

Development Stage

Preclinical proof of concept

Patent Status

Patent granted in US (two divisions), Europe and India. Pending patent applications in China,  Mexico,  and US (one division)


  • Our technology provides a novel strategy for the prevention and treatment of AKI.
  • The invention is based on unique properties of SV40 VLPs- that do not contain DNA, or a derivative of the SV40 major capsid protein. These reagents have pronounced renal tropism and they are non immunogenic, allowing repeated administration.  
  • SV40 VLPs increased survival in a mercury-induced AKI mice model from 14 to 67%. Similarly, VLPs attenuated AKI also in cis-platin induced AKI, in mice and in rats.

 Our Innovation

We have developed a unique, novel prophylactic agent for AKI based on systemic delivery of recombinant, empty capsids of simian virus 40, SV40 (termed VLPs – Virus Like Particles), or a derivative of the SV40 major capsid protein.


Key Features

  • A prevalent indication is  prophylactic treatment for attenuation of AKI in patients who undergo frequent exposure to nephrotoxic agents (imaging contrast medium, antibiotics, anti-cancer chemotherapy), for example, in cancer patients.  An exciting indication is the prevention of AKI in cardiac surgery for patients at risk.
  • Mechanism of action is by activation of chaperones and survival pathway.
  • Based on the mechanism of action,  this drug will potentially be applicable for a wide range of degenerative processes in other organs, as. SV40 has a very wide cellular and tissue tropism.
  • May potentially function in organ preservation for transplantation, prolonging ischemic time.
  • Protein drug soluble in saline for systemic administration
  • Non toxic; does not contain any genetic material.
  • Non immunogenic.

 The Opportunity

There is no treatment for AKI, except for supportive care. The only solution available to-date for this severe condition is dialysis or kidney transplant. This innovative strategy has no competition



Patent Status

Granted US 8,158,576; US 8,637,447; Europe 2029176; Mexico MX294932

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