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Research Collaborations and services

 at the Institute for Drug Research (IDR)


  • The IDR collaborates with the pharmaceutical industry, contributing the unique and invaluable experience, knowledge, services and technologies of its researchers.
  • Established to meet the complex challenges facing contemporary drug research and development, the IDR encourages formation of multi-disciplinary research groups to advance scientific excellence and solve complex problems.
  • IDR expertise include: computer aided drug design, through chemical synthesis, cellular and animal studies, formulations, drug delivery and targeting.
  • IDR target audience in Bio-Tec ventures is to provide expertise and services in drug discovery to industry partners and other institutes.
  • The IDR’s researchers are internationally renowned for their expertise and achievements in the field of drug research, having discovered new drugs and invented novel drug-delivery platforms for the treatment of a variety of clinical disorders, including allergies, cancer, age related and neurological diseases, brain trauma, diabetes and drug addiction.


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Itzik Goldwaser
VP, Head of Research Collaborations
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