Personalized, Adaptive Annotations of Texts

Rappoport Ari, HUJI, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Science
  • Annotations may contain text, images, or audio materials
  • Addresses a variety of educational needs
  • Gloss is drawn from any available, appropriate resource such as dictionaries, translations, encyclopaedias, etc.
  • Facilitates comprehension of professional materials containing technical terminology
  • Ideal facilitator for foreign language development and learning disabilities
  • Can be presented as printed form or on screen in highlighted manner

Our Innovation

  • Annotated text facilitating comprehension
  • Gloss responds to the attributes of the text and a database of the reader’s personal proficiency profile using a variety of indices including data actively acquired
  • May be interwoven into core text, in margins of pages, or as separate text
  • Compatible for use with a desktop, tablet, mobile or a gaming device 
  • Can be adapted for the sight challenged via large fonts, Braille, or playable audio file


Patent Status

Granted US 8,700,382

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