Featherless Broilers

Cahaner Avigdor, HUJI, Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences, Plant Sciences and Genetics

Featherless broiler chickens for improved meat production in hot conditions


Agriculture, Animal Breeding / Genetics, Animal Science / Vet. Medicine

Development Stage

A stock of fast-growing featherless broilers ready for commercial use

Patent Status

Unique (though non-patentable) genetic material and know-how

Market Size

2006 global production ~800 million broilers per week, rising 4% per year


  • Current commercial broilers require low temperatures for fast growth and high meat yield
  • Hot conditions significantly reduce the efficiency, or increase the costs, of broiler production
  • Featherless broilers easily dissipate excess body heat, avoiding the need for costly cooling or ventilation (even at high stocking densities), allowing sustainable, low-cost production

Our Innovation

Development of a unique stock of fast-growing featherless broilers together with a breeding scheme that upgrades standard commercial broiler stocks by producing 25% (or 50%) heat-tolerant, high-yield, featherless broilers, and 75% (or 50%) feathered broilers for live marketing at low body weight


Key Features

  • Birds fully express their genetic potential under hot conditions, without cooling or ventilation
  • Reach slaughter weight of about 2.2 kg at 6 weeks, with more than 40 kg/m2
  • Meat yield and quality equals or surpasses standard broilers under optimal conditions
  • These performances obtained on low-cost (low-protein and low-energy) feed
  • Do not suffer from heat-related mortality or health problems

Development Milestones

  • Genetic material - featherless males for grandparent flocks - ready for shipping
  • Fine-tuning of management and diet composition to local conditions conducted on site

The Opportunity

  • Majority of broilers worldwide are reared in hot tropical and sub-tropical regions of Asia, America and Africa, and the southern parts of the United States and China
  • Consumers, including those in developing countries, increasingly prefer processed broilers and meat; featherless broilers are ideal for processing and reduce the investment and operational costs associated with cooling and ventilating broiler houses


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