Novel Laryngoscope for Easier Intubation in Veterinary Applications

Epstein Ana, HUJI, Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences, The Koret School of Veterinary Medicine



Veterinary, Devices

Development Stage

Laboratory prototype used in procedures on dogs



  • Novel laryngoscope is designed to be self-retaining  and constructed in such a way that a veterinary anaesthetist has both hands free to intubate.
  • Laboratory prototype proved extremely successful in procedures involving 500 dogs.

Our Innovation

  • A laryngoscope that enables safe application of the laryngoscope by a single person and fixation of the mouth cavity in such a way that a single person can freely perform operations of intubation, inspection and surgery.


The picture illustrates how a team of assistants is required to apply a conventional laryngoscope in a dog. Anesthetized dogs usually lie on their side or back and the weight of the head is not sufficient to passively open the mouth.  The laryngoscope of our invention allows visualization of the vocal cords and the  blades stay open by themselves, freeing the hands of the operator to intubate.

Key Features

  • May be inserted in an animal's mouth cavity when the animal lies on its side as is typical, and often more convenient, with animals.
  • Varying lengths of the blades, handles, and bridge elements, depending on the size and kind of animal
  • Simple, inexpensive design

Development Milestones

  • Development of industrial prototype
  • Clinical trials for registration and approval of the device

The Opportunity

  • May also be used for human adults and children

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