Robust Real Time Pattern Matching

Werman Michael, HUJI, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Science
Pele Ofir, HUJI, School of Computer Science and Engineering


Novel solution for automatic robust, real-time pattern matching


Computer science, imaging, computer graphics

Development Stage

Product ready for commercialization; ongoing algorithm improvement




  • Proprietary algorithm for pattern matching in both static and dynamic applications
  • Computer vision software for extracting and analyzing information from images
  • Simple, fast method for use by industrial robots and vision based systems for assembly, manufacturing and inspection
  • Applications in face recognition and security

Our Innovation

  • Two part system
  • The “Image Hamming Distance Family” of image distance measures. Family members are robust to occlusions, geometrical transforms, light changes and non-rigid deformations.
  • Novel Bayesian framework for sequential hypothesis testing on finite populations
  • Based on the framework, an optimal rejection/acceptance sampling algorithm is designed. The algorithm quickly determines whether two images are similar with respect to a member of the Image Hamming Distance Family.

Key Features

  • On a Pentium 4 3GHz processor, detection of a pattern with 2197 pixels in 640x480 pixel frames, where in each frame the pattern rotated and was highly occluded, proceeded at only 0.022 seconds per frame
  • Enables searching for certain parts in an image or aligning parts to a reference position

The Opportunity

  • Applications in imaging/video editing and enhancement - nearly 50% of digital cameras buyers use software for managing and enhancing their photographs
  • For serious amateur and professional mphotographers, postproduction (any possible manipulation) is essential. They use new, easy-to-use programs (to correct red eyes, face recognition, scene recognition and tonal corrections) in addition to improved in-camera algorithms and many new programs to produce high quality pictures in minilabs
Additional Website: http://www.cs.huji.ac.il/~ofirpele/hs/

Patent Status

Granted US 8,417,655

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