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Highlights Printed Electronics (PE) offers an attractive low cost alternative for the fabrication of electrical and optoelectronic devices which can be applied on large areas, and either on flexible or rigid surfaces. While metallic inks have ...
Banin Uri
Semi-Transparent Perovskite Solar Cells: The most promising new material for low-cost solar cells Categories Nanoparticles, Electronic / Optic /Electrooptic /Photonic, Coatings, Energy, Cleantech, Materials, Semiconductors, Structure and ...
Etgar Lioz
Moshe Nazarathy, Department of Electrical Engineering, Technion   Categories Optical networks, Bandwidth allocation, signal processing Development Stage Proof of concept. Research completed     Background There is an increasingly growing ...
Marom Dan
Category Computer Science and Engineering    Keywords Laser, optical amplifier, polled crystal Current development stage General list: TRL3 Experimental proof of concept             Application Optical Parametric Amplification is a process ...
Marcus Gilad
Keywords NV color centers, diamond, quantum sensing, fluorescence Current development stage   TRL3 Experimental proof of concept        Application Nitrogen vacancy (NV) color centers in diamond are a promising implementation for quantum ...
Bar-Gill Nir
Category Nanotechnology     Keywords Ellipsometry, characterization, surfaces, materials, semiconductors, 2D materials, non-contact Current development stage General list: TRL5 Technology validated in relevant environement              ...
Rapaport Ronen