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No.CategoryTechnology NameBriefcaseLead Researcher
  A highly sensitive method for detection of biomarkers, based on formation of nanoparticle-biomarker hybrids (dimers) in the presence of a selected analyte. The project aims to develop a simple and affordable detection modality for these ...
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Porath Danny
Keywords Cancer, Peptide, NAF-1 Current development stage Initial in-vivo studies completed Application It was recently shown that enhanced expression of NAF-1, is associated with different cancers, including breast, prostate, gastric, ...
Nechushtai Rachel
  Our invention is a new method for the successful synthesis of Multi-phosphorylated peptides that applies different coupling protocols and paves the way for the efficient and routine synthesis of multi-phosphorylated peptides of biological ...
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Category LifeSciences and BioTechnology    Current development stage TRL3 - hypothesis testing and initial POC demonstrated in limited # of in-vitro modelsOur Innovation We demonstrated that recombinant human T2 RNase could inhibit tumor ...
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Shoseyov Oded