Projects related to 10-2008-2076

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No.CategoryTechnology NameBriefcaseLead Researcher
  Fast and simple editing of special video effects  Categories Computer science, Imaging, Computer graphics Development Stage Development completed, ready for commercializationHighlights Motion computation in video editing involves warping ...
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Peleg Shmuel
High quality, fast geometric image editing Categories Imaging / Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Image Editing Development Stage Working prototype (Dedicated Server with a functional Demo) Patent Status Granted US Patent: ...
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Peleg Shmuel
Computer-assisted addition of colors to monochrome images or movies Categories Imaging/Computer Graphics Development Stage Prototype implementation of the software; seeking partner for industrial trials  Highlights Computer-assisted ...
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Lischinski Daniel
Secure password authentication schemes Category Homeland Security Development Stage Development completed; seeking for implementation and commercialization Highlights New protocol for certification of electronic identity Protects ...
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Weinshall Daphna
A multi-layered approach for ranking book and product reviews Categories Data Mining Development Stage Algorithm development complete, Working Prototype on Amazon Reviews Market Internet consumer market   Highlights A system for ...
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Rappoport Ari
  The Internet infrastructure was not designed with security in mind, and is consequently alarmingly vulnerable to attacks and configuration errors. Despite the consensus on the urgency of securing BGP routing, replacing BGP with S*BGP is still ...
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Schapira Michael
  Category Computer Science and Engineering    Keywords DPI, Telecommunication Current development stage TRL4 Technology validated in lab             Application Middleboxes play a major role in Software Defined Networks (SDN) as ...
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Hay David