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  Simplifies evaluation of treatment progress   Categories Oncology/Cancer, Medical Applications Development Stage Proof of concept completed; ongoing research with larger data sets Patent Status Provisional patent application ...
Joskowicz Leo
RenewSenses - Conveying the visual world through sound Keywords Audio, Algorithms, Medical Applications Current Development Dtage TRL4 Technology validated in labApplication Sensory substitution and/or verbalization systems and devices are ...
Amedi Amir
Novel fusion proteins enable ERT for the first time Categories Peptide/Protein, Metabolic, Protein Therapy Development Stage Proof of concept for LAD deficiency and Friedrich Ataxia, in vivo studies in mice Patent Status National ...
Galski- Lorberboum Haya
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Yirmiya Raz
  Category Life Sciences and Biotechnology    Keywords Liver, RNA, miRNA Current development stage TRL4 - POC & Safety of candidate drug formulation is demonstrated in defined animal modelvvvid demonstrated in  defined animal ...
Soreq Hermona
Keywords Anti-Aging, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Current development stage TRL3 - hypothesis testing and intial POC demonstrated in limited number of in-vitro modelsApplication With continuous increase in the elderly population, many ...
Keshet Eli