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Technology NameBriefcaseLead Researcher
  Highly sensitive, self formed and simple to fabricate nano junction devices changing resistance in the presence of minute concentration of volatile gases:   Background Detectors of volatile gas, including combustible gases, are essential ...
Yerushalmi Roie
Background  A new technology to treat various skin inflammations, irritations and infections, in which iodine (in its molecular form) being encapsulated within vesicles of approximately 100nm, is delivered deep into the skin. The uniqueness of ...
Wormser Uri
  Current Development Stage TRL 9 Ready for mass production   Our Innovation Pouch drug delivery system (web- like films) for dermal, transdermal and nail  administration of drugs and actives for various treatments Applied to the nail or ...
Touitou Elka
Nature’s way to keep tissues healthy Category Cosmetics,  Cosmoceuticals, Aging Skin Development Stage Completed in vitro experiments, ready to develop a dossier documenting safety, efficacy in humans and manufacturing details (EEC-6th/7th ...
Mitrani Eduardo