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Technology NameBriefcaseLead Researcher
Gershon Ben-Shakhar, Department of Psychology, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem   Categories Concealed Information Test (CIT), guilty knowledge test, eye tracking device, eye-tracking cameras, memory detection, security, lie detection, gaze ...
Pertzov Yoni
Keywords Interactive Map, Jewish History, Culture, Current development stage TRL9 Actual system proven in operational environment Our Innovation An interactive web-based map based on innovative digital-mapping and information ...
Seroussi Edwin
Keywords Mental health problems, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Social network technologies (SNT) Current development stage TRL2  Technology Concept Formulated           Application Social network technologies (SNT) and online Social ...
Schwarz Baruch (Education)
RenewSenses - Conveying the visual world through sound Keywords Audio, Algorithms, Medical Applications Current Development Dtage TRL4 Technology validated in labApplication Sensory substitution and/or verbalization systems and devices are ...
Amedi Amir
Keywords Machine Learning, Neural Network, Deep Learning Current development stage TRL2  Technology Concept Formulated   Application Machine learning is the most important technological development of the century, with countless ...
Rappoport Ari