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Splicing factor levels predict patient prognosis and its inhibition blocks invasive cancers Categories Oncology/Cancer, RNA/Protein/Diagnosis, Biomarkers Clinical Data Between 20-80 human samples on each biomarker Therapeutic in-vivo POC ...
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Karni Rotem
A new method for the detection of  P. aeruginosa infections using a simple bacterial sensor that can be used to detect 2-AA. This method, as opposed to mass spectrometry analysis, is potentially cheap, easy to use and can be readily supplied ...
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Helman Yael
  Current Development Stage  TRL 4 – Proof of Concept and safety demonstrated in lab and animal models; results support the feasibility of human trials   Our Innovation Safe biodegradable clips that are visible in all modalities of medical ...
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Domb Abraham
Background Identification of critical anatomic and pathologic structures in real time, during minimal invasive procedures poses a major challenge to surgeons.   Our Innovation A new modality- Liposomal IndoCyanine Green (ICG), enables a ...
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Magdassi Shlomo
Genomic big data analysis enabling better diagnostics and therapeutic approach Categories Oncology software, cancer diagnostics, personalized medicine Development Stage TRL 5  Validated in relevant operation environment Patent Status U.S. ...
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Smith Yoav
  TDtest kit is a simple modification of the standard disk-diffusion assay that allows the semi-quantitative evaluation of survival rate and killing dynamics. The TDTest enables the detection of tolerant and persistent bacteria by promoting ...
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Balaban Natalie
Project Summary A human-specific splicing variant of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) receptor 1 (Flt1) was discovered, producing a soluble receptor (designated sFlt1-14) that is qualitatively different from the previously described ...
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Keshet Eli
Single detector interrogates and analyses complex signals from whole-cell biosensors   Categories Applied Physics, Optoelectronics / Photonics, Cleantech, Homeland Security, Life Science and Biotechnology, Diagnostics Development ...
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Agranat Aharon
Reduce soil and water contamination Categories Agriculture, pest control/herbicides, formulations Development Stage Ongoing research Patent Status US patent 7,030,062, EP patent 1363491, Israel Patent156454 Highlights High concentrations ...
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Rubin Baruch
Category Agriculture, Food and Nutrition, Materials, Pest Control / Herbicides, Carriers / Encapsulation, Biodegradable, Hydrocolloids, Slow Release Development Stage Proof of concept completed; looking for industrial partnerships ...
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Nussinovitch Amos
Dried cellular hydrocolloid carriers for biological control of pathogens Categories Agriculture, Pest Control / Herbicides, Biological Pest Control, Carriers Development Stage Research completed Patent Status Granted US Patent 7,422,737 ...
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Nussinovitch Amos
Semiconductor device for generating T-rays   Categories Homeland Security, Medical Imaging, Semiconductors Development Stage Full theoretical proof of concept Market Size The relevant markets are the radiation sources for homeland ...
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Shvartsman Leonid
Enables in situ delivery of active ingredients where and when required Categories Veterinary Medicine /Animal Science , Human Medicine, Life Science & Biotechnology, Veterinary Formulations, Medical device, Dental Development ...
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Friedman Michael
  Categories Agriculture, Pest Control / Herbicides, Biological Pest Control, Cleantech Development Stage Successful field demonstrations on cucumber, grapes and citrus  Highlights Naturally occurring, unmodified fungi could be acting as ...
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Sztejnberg Abraham
Yousef Najajreh, Al Quds University   Reducing Body Weight and Glucose Levels  & Improving Cognitive Function Categories Small molecule, obesity Development Stage Successful demonstration of efficacy in mice Patent Status  US  Granted ...
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Avraham Yosefa
New, water-soluble cyclopropene extends storage and shelf life of agricultural products Categories Agriculture, post-harvest Development Stage Presently applicable for cut flowers and certain fruits and vegetables Highlights Extends ...
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Goren Raphael
  Category Agriculture      Keywords Pest Control, SIT, Current development stage  TRL6 Technology demonstrated in relevant environment  Application The Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) is a species of fruit fly capable of ...
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Heifetz Yael