Projects related to 6-2016-4304

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No.CategoryTechnology NameBriefcaseLead Researcher
Semiconductor device for generating T-rays   Categories Homeland Security, Medical Imaging, Semiconductors Development Stage Full theoretical proof of concept Market Size The relevant markets are the radiation sources for homeland ...
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Shvartsman Leonid
Thaw and go“ cell culture chip - Revolutionizing cells’ cryopreservation for fast and simple biomedical research experiments    One of the main obstacles for successful cryopreservation of cells is the irreversible damage to cells organelles ...
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Braslavsky Ido
  Our invention is a new method for the successful synthesis of Multi-phosphorylated peptides that applies different coupling protocols and paves the way for the efficient and routine synthesis of multi-phosphorylated peptides of biological ...
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Category Life Sciences and Bio Technology    Keywords Fertility, Medical Device Current development stage Preliminary POC with supporting in-vivo data Our Innovation Simple disposable patented device for infertility treatment   Advantages ...
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Tirosh Boaz
  TDtest kit is a simple modification of the standard disk-diffusion assay that allows the semi-quantitative evaluation of survival rate and killing dynamics. The TDTest enables the detection of tolerant and persistent bacteria by promoting ...
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Balaban Natalie
  Our Innovation A unique protein sequence from Hoefleo Phototropica with extremely high affinity towards biotin. The fragment of this protein was identified to have the sufficient feature of the biotin binding ...
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Livnah Oded