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Generic Architecture for Converting Electrical Data to Optical Pulses    Categories Optoelectronics / Photonics, Optoelectronic Computing & Optical Communication Development Stage Concept   Highlights There is a growing demand to ...
Agranat Aharon
Background Printed Electronics (PE) offers an attractive low cost alternative for the fabrication of electrical and optoelectronic devices which can be applied on large areas, and either on flexible or rigid surfaces. While metallic inks have ...
Banin Uri
Background Nitrogen vacancy (NV) color centers in diamond are a promising implementation for quantum sensors across a variety of use cases. The advantage to read out its spin state optically is a crucial property. Nevertheless, in order to ...
Bar-Gill Nir
Background We have developed a new type of a compact scanning Micro-ellipsometer that operates with a spatial resolution on the sub 10-micron and over a broad spectral range. See Figure (next page). The Micro-ellipsometer can accurately ...
Rapaport Ronen