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  Background Viruses play a major role in the occurrence of respiratory diseases. Transfer of virus can occur to and from hands, as well as between hands and fomites. Today alcohol – based sanitizers demonstrate good antimicrobial activity but ...
Touitou Elka
Nature’s way to keep tissues healthy Category Cosmetics,  Cosmoceuticals, Aging Skin Development Stage Completed in vitro experiments, ready to develop a dossier documenting safety, efficacy in humans and manufacturing details (EEC-6th/7th ...
Mitrani Eduardo
Background Cement & Gypsum require a lot of energy for production, consume large areas of land and are hard to recycle. There is a global need for new environment-friendly, low cost materials for construction. Our Innovation Utilizing ...
Mandler Daniel
Our Innovation Device for disinfecting re-circulating water system utilizing new biocidal silver composite, Using a new materials-technology which enables the entrapment of organic biocidal compounds within biocidal silver, resulting in a ...
Avnir David