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Application         A voice of a speaking person is usually surrounded by unrelated sounds (background noise) which make it hard to understand him. In case of multiple speaker, the noise is hard to be aligned Previous audio-visual approaches ...
Peleg Shmuel
  Category Computer Science and Engineering Keywords Neural Networks, Computer VisionApplication Motion blur due to camera shake is one of the predominant sources of image degradation in handheld photography. Blind image de-blurring ...
Fattal Raanan
  Background Image manipulation has become extremely prevalent in recent years due to its commercial importance and the sheer number of popular image driven media forums. With the click of a button, users are able to sharpen images, layer them ...
Hoshen Yedid
    Category Explainable Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Deep Learning Markets Autonomous Systems, Safety-Critical Systems, FinTech, Healthcare, Insurance  Problem Software systems powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) are ...
Katz Guy